Just wanted to thank you for MIRACULOUS RESULTS IN ONE APPLICATION..

My “baby” is 19 years old and never had a major injury. After using another clay brand for the last week, I really wasnt seeing significant results; just waiting for the green clay to arrive. Put it on yesterday afternoon, wrapped and left til this am. Truly amazing! A little more swelling above the injury, but it has closed about halfway with no oozing or funky smell. I really liked how well the clay mixed and went on so smooth, wonderful texture and filled the gap or void in the borders of the laceration. Will continue as directed! Thank you again for sharing this wonderful gift!

D. Wiggins

Thanks, Walter!    

The internal preparation was a HUGE success!!!!!! Not only did my horse devour it, he wouldn’t stop licking his feed bowl for a full 5-10 minutes after it was gone, clearly trying to lap up every last small bit of the clay! And trust me when I say he is a VERY picky eater… he once turned his nose up at an expensive jar of organic apple sauce that I bought for him! 

The 2-3 TBSPs of clay that I mixed for him today came to about 14 g (1/2 oz.) on my food scale, so tomorrow I will go with at least once full oz., seeing how he devoured the half ounce today.

The external preparation went much better, but I still need to perfect the art of mixing it. It didn’t help that the bugs were really biting, so as I was mixing and attempting to apply it, my horse was stomping and dancing around. I did manage to fill his small drainage hold completely with the clay. Also, when I washed off the little bit of clay that remained from the previous day, I noticed it had stimulated some very good drainage overnight. Another huge advantage was the ease with which the dried puss washed right off without much effort. Prior to applying clay, it would stick to the fur and be very difficult to get off completely.

Thanks again,

Amy P, AZ

Dear Walter, 

Last year after a little research, I purchased several pounds of the ultra ventilated clay from you. I have only begun using it this winter and I feel it has forever changed my life! I love it, and will be doing all that I can to assure I never run out! I had been fighting a very weakened immune system and came down with pneumonia this winter, living remotely and on a poverty level budget I could not go to a doctor when things turned serious. I started taking small amounts of clay in water internally and felt the difference after 2 hours, with much improvement noticeable. I have continued to take it, my body craves it . Thank you so much! I cant begin to express my gratitude in finding this clay.

Bless you so much Walter and I cannot thank you enough! I really do not want to be without it, I take it every morning and truly feel it saved me. I dont know how many years I will be taking it, but as many as I live!

Jessie Warren

Dear Walter,   
I want to tell you all about my horses’ healing .

Little Man’s leg healed up very nicely with very little internal scarring , all well now, and the clay was superb. We think it cleared up an old dog’s eyes too. He looked like he was going blind in the old place and then my roommate moved here with him and we changed his food to NO wheat, corn or soy and gave him the clay water and Voila! his eyes are clear! I’d like to get a 6lb sack or so. Thank you,

Susan F. CA


we are having great success with using the clay for ulcers…we currently have 6 horses on it and are super happy. Thank you!

Jackie Roeser


My client came yesterday I was so happy to see her again. Her wound is healing and i asked what has she been using as I thought she wasn’t so convinced with the green clay i gave her. As i had given her the reminder of the french green clay, she did use what I gave her when I asked to see her wound again and found that her wound is drying up very nicely.

Thank you once again for the clay.


Thank you Walter!
Everything is good in Texas!
Your clay is so awesome I share it with everyone I meet and we are so grateful to you, your clay has kept us healthy and happy and our little dog loves it too!!
I am looking forward to trying the mask!
Thank you so much!

Tamra C. TX


My son is a dialysis patient and dialysis patients have skin issues. 
After trying antibiotic creams and many lotions and just about every
first aid tube on the shelf, green clay used on the skin is the only
product that we have tried that is really helping clear up his skin. 
It truly does remove toxins and help sores to heal. I discovered
green clay by searching the internet and then reading about the clay
and it’s history. We decided to give it a try and we are very happy
to have found FrenchClayforAll;   Walter has been a wonderful seller to
do business with.

Thank you!

Mary T ( WA )


Just an update. After the very first use of the Argitendon on Lily, a big scab of proud flesh dropped off & we’re now working on growing in healthy flesh & skin, I hope. Lily is doing better slowly.
The abscess is starting to close. And although there will always be a scar, a lot of the swelling went away (the back of her tendon is no longer bowed & the front & sides have decreased in size) .
I’m sure that a lot of toxins were pulled out that had been there for years. I expect that will help her joint health over the years to come.Too bad I didn’t know about the clay when I got her 5 years ago. But, live & learn (hopefully).
Few weeks later…
Well, there is definite improvement. It has taken a long time & gone through phases (from no noticeable effect to swelling to abscessing & a few bouts of swelling that went away again), but I feel that it has been worth the effort. (Can you imagine what using a vet all of this time would have cost & probably with no results or even worsening the problem?)
Thought I’d share another use I have for your clay. I keep goldfish in my big water trough to eat the mosquito wigglers. All through this summer, when I cleaned the trough out, I would put just a tablespoon of the fine clay in the water & let it mix. The fish seem to enjoy it! They rise to the surface & swim around & eat a healthy serving of fish food. They even look shinier!
Then I found more uses for the clay! Another horse just showed an abscess under his jaw, so I’ve been using the clay for a couple of days. Well, I used the clay for about a week & the abscess totally healed & I didn’t have to take him to the vet to have it drained. What a relief!
Then I decided to try it on an old scabby lump on the fetlock of a horse I got. Even that looks smaller.
Anyway, more uses keep coming up – my husband has a scrape that started to become infected, so he’s trying the clay tonight!
A very useful product!I got slammed when I was using a power grinder on hooves last month & tore into the back of my hand. I put the clay on it & it kept it from getting infected & took the soreness out. Looks almost healed now, so I really like the clay!!!
Thank you !
Virginia Falkowski

Hi Walter, 
I am a true believer in the clay.
I’ll share the latest story I have regarding the clay.
On July 19th, I was gored on my inner thigh by our 350 lb male Boer goat. It was such a clean cut that it looked like someone took a knife and sliced my leg open . The cut was 3 inches long and went through all the layers of skin. After it happened, I had my daughter get the clay and contemplated doctoring it myself. Well, because of how deep it was, the possibility of infection and after much coxing from my family, I was off to the ER.
Nine stitches later and a prescription for 10 days of Augmentin antibiotics, I was home.
Within two days it had swelled up like a grapefruit, so I called the doctor and they said to just stay on the antibiotics.
By the ninth day on the antibiotics, I was sicker than a dog and stopped taking them. On Aug 4th (17 days later), I had the stitches removed and from what I could tell, it looked like only the inner layer of my skin had healed. The outer skin split right open and I still had internal fluid build up about the size of an orange.
I had 3 doctors and 2 nurses trying to decide what to do. They decided to put sterile strips on it, gave me ANOTHER prescription of antibiotics and sent me home warning me to be careful because the entire cut could split open. The sterile strips lasted all of a day and that day I pulled the last sterile strip off and slapped on the clay. Within 2 days, all but about an inch had closed up. Just over 4 weeks later, there is less than a quarter inch opening and most of the swelling and fluid build up is gone.
I believe the only reason there is any opening left, is that the clay is still extracting any bacteria and fluid that is under the skin.
I really believe that if I had just doctored the wound myself, I would be totally healed.
Story #2….
About a week ago my 20 yr old gelding would not come out of his stall. I did an overall check of his legs, feet, etc. Nothing seemed to be wrong. I wondered if it was a combination of the heat and the flies making him feel down. Four nights ago, I started putting the clay in a separate 5 gal bucket for him. He went right to it, drank a whole bunch and has not touched his non clay water since. AND, the very next morning he came out of his stall to graze.
This clay is so truly amazing!!!!!
Susan L.  AZ

Hi Walter-                                                                                    

Sock does flinch when we clean it now. Maybe that is a good thing? Maybe that means he has the feeling coming back to that area and it’s no longer numb nerve endings?
We are being consistent about it though.

Sock’s mood has much improved since we started using the clay. I noticed a difference right away. He is able to stay out in a small pasture now and he is nickering a lot when we come to see him. I know he is feeling much better. The fly’s don’t bother the wound with the clay on either. The gnats do, but I don’t think there is anything that will ever kill, or chase those things away.

I have told all of my friends about the clay and have given them all a little dab to try for this or that.
Zits, bumps, and scrapes on them. It worked as I knew it would.
I gave a dab to one friend to pack in a busted abscess on her horses hoof. The horse was severely lame.
She swears the very next day the horse was sound again.

Now they call me the mud doctor. Seeing is believing.

Hope you have a lovely trip home and we will talk again soon.

Sarah W. NC


After purchasing the clay for my horses, I decided to fill one trough with and one without. At first they did not want anything to do with it but soon after, they take turns as needed and drink from the clay. Muzzles I noticed stay in longer!

It helped Lani’s tendons tremendously.

I also gave her amazon herbs and between poultices would apply the herbs for the night as she wanders 24/7. When my ankle was accidently under her hoof as she turned quickly, while I was applying the clay to her, I immediately applied some to me.

Wow! Immediate relief. No bruising, no swelling.

Thanks so much for all your help. 

Michele Trapp


I really think I”m seeing improvement in the one koi that I was concerned about and know the others also are benefiting… but now that one is the first to go after the clay coated food pellets.. this time of year when the water goes colder, the ones with more velvety black seem to be prone to a white coating… it goes away with warmer water.. but I do know, its a bad sign and they will be in a weakened state come spring and more susceptible to bacterial infections and parasites so I’m thrilled to have something to help with that.

Angela B.


Zeus, my sweet 18 year old QuarAb (Quarter Horse and Arabian) has three bald spots on the middle of his belly that the flies love in the summer. This last month the flies attacked those spots with a vengeance and, in fact, laid eggs under the skin, causing swelling and scabs. I tried numerous remedies to no avail ~ poor Zeus’ belly was a mess. My usual remedies for milder attacks were useless! Nothing I used would keep the flies off the spots.

When I was recommended that I use the green clay, I was immediately on a mission to see how it might work since my intuition told me it would be effective. As soon as I applied a thick layer of clay I felt better just knowing that the flies could not get at the spots again. After only two applications, the spots were healed and there were no more scabs or swelling. 

I know I am going to learn about more applications of the clay and look forward to more uses!

Thank you Walter!

My husband and I have been drinking the clay for over a month now.
He does alot of archery shooting and it takes a toll on his muscles in his shoulder and hand. We have started back on it today, after a week off.
He noticed that his hand did not go to sleep on him at night when he drinks the clay water. 
I have noticed that when I use the clay when brushing my teeth they have become whiter. I drink alot of tea and sometimes coffee, and they were stained even after having them cleaned.
I have started to brush my teeth with the clay and what a difference it makes them feel so clean and when I wake up my mouth does not have that nasty taste or feel.
The regime has definitely helped my mouth soreness and burning tongue. I am able to eat again with no problems.

I also noticed in drinking the clay milk that I have cut down on my usage of probiotic to once a week. I was having to take them daily or sometime twice a day along with accupuncture so it has helped a great deal in that aspect.
We also used it on my husband’s hand. He cut himself fairly deep and I made up some clay and put it on, and put a bandage on it and we could tell everyday that it was healing from the inside out .We never put any antibiotic ointment on it or anything other than the clay, and it has healed up nicely.

We will continue to use the clay.

Thank you

Susan Conner 

Dear Walter,                                                                                         

I thought I would share my green clay experience.

For the first time since I ordered the clay, I had to use it on my 7 year old retired racehorse (Finity). I had all of the horses grazing on our property. Suddenly, Finity took off running with a vengeance. She busted through 2 fences, ran under trees (barely missing slamming her head), and acted like she was on the track again. It scared me to death because I knew something was wrong and there was nothing I could do for her. I finally saw she was dragging an ocotillo branch behind her. Every time she swished her tail she was being poked by the thorns on the ocotillo. She finally stopped by our barn and my daughter and I franticly pulled and cut the ocotillo from her tail. Once we had it out, I started to access her injuries. She was covered with blood from head to toe.

After hosing her down, I found she mainly had minor scrapes and scratches, but her rear ankle had a huge hole which was about an inch deep and was about 3 inches in diameter. I immediately started the green clay treatment. Now 2 months later, the hole is all healed and she only has about a nickel size flesh wound that just need a little more skin and hair to grow. I did not have to fight any infections but she healed a little slower than I expected. I talked to Florie about the slow healing and she suggested I wrap the wound. This little mare was so freaked out from this incident; I could barely just get the clay on the wound without being kicked. Now, she is fine with the final faze of her treatment.

This stuff is fabulous!

Susan L. AZ

Dear Walter,

Just wanted to send you a little progress report regarding my “old girl” Lucy since I have started to treat her skin with the clay. I have been dusting her, as we had discussed, for about 4 weeks and most of her sores that she had from chewing have healed. Her skin overall is still somewhat scaly but much improved. Her hair is also starting to grow back slowly, for the first time in many months.

As you know her skin problems was the reason I originally spoke to you about. However after reading and speaking to you more I also offered all of my dogs clay water as well as regular water to drink. All three of them now seem to like it and drink it on a regular basis, more often than the regular water it seems.

But what thrilled me the most was one significant change I noticed with Lucy. Lucy has had problems with her hips since she was very young (she is part German Shepard) and most of her life has not played and jumped like my other dogs. A few days ago I sat outside with the animals after i got home from work to pet and smooch with them etc. Much to my surprise the “old girl” was running and hoping as when she was a pup, not as vigorous of course but never the less she actually was trying to play with the other dogs. I was so very happy because she always looks like such a sad dog. Anyway, I will keep you posted.

Thank you so very much for all your kindness and advice…. as always.

Konnie Hocking  FLORIDA

Hello Walter,

I just finished my first 21 days internal clay treatment.

The effects have been incredible !

I have so much energy, i really feel like my whole body has balanced itself.

I feel stronger, my fingernails started growing again, and so did my hair.

I haven’t felt that healthy in a very long time.

I thank you so much. I hope this note will find you well too.

Best wishes!

Leanice Hart  PHOENIX AZ

Hi Walter,

We met a few months ago right after my hand injury, and you guided me thru an unknown healing route for me at the time..Clay!

I had severely cut 3 of my fingers , working with a tablesaw.

The 3 finger tips were cut to the bone, and the nails were partially taken off.

Needless to say i was in pain.

You recommended me to poultice myself 3 times a day.. So i did !

I was simply amazed that only 3 days later, it all healed.

It worked absolute wonders.. Fantastic !

My family, friends and myself were astonished by the fact that there was never any signs of infection whatsoever .

Thank you so much !

Stan Makow    CLARKDALE  AZ

Back about 4 months ago I made the mistake of straddling a hot motorcycle with a dress on…and branding myself. I had a 3rd degree burn about 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It was so bad you could see it burned through several layers of skin. I treated it best I could, wrapping and applying burn creams and so on, but it was not getting any better. About three days after that happened Walter gave me some clay to put on it, instructing me how, which I promptly did, mixing it with essential oils of lavender and others. Within the day, it had stopped producing pus! After a week, it had shrunk to half the size and was creating perfect new skin where there was a charred mess before. Three weeks later, it was almost perfectly healed, only a small scar remains, probably because I quit doing the clay a little before I should have. It works! Thank you Walter !

Andrea Bordelon  PRESCOTT AZ

I am a 74 year old with osteoarthritis in my left knee who still rides several times a week in dressage, cares for three horses living at home, and oversees an animal rescue operation located in my home. Needless to say, my knee gets a lot of work during these daily activities. It became very painful and badly swollen to the point where riding my horse and walking became quite

I have been applying Walter’s clay twice a day for up to two hours for more than two months. At the beginning, the swelling and pain were significantly alleviated within a couple of weeks. The ensuing treatment has produced much slower results, but continue to be helpful.
Although I may never get the knee back to a painless state, the swelling is almost totally gone and riding and walking are much less painful. I intend to continue with the clay treatment. I want to avoid knee replacement surgery at all costs as well as other intrusive treatments.

I would recommend the clay for reductions in swellings and to promote healing.

I have told some animal healer friends about it, and they have had significant positive results in treating skin disorders in small animals.

Juanita Enkoji   SCOTTSDALE  AZ


one of my 8 month old pygmy goats got her hoof stepped on and smashed. The vet said she really couldn’t do anything for her but amputate. I decided to try the clay and 2 weeks later she started walking and running on it.

There was really nothing there to walk on.

GiGi is now great! She is climbing and head butting again! She’s her old self again.

Thx again.


HI Walter,
I have been meaning to follow up with you on the Clay that I purchased. I think it is really making a positive difference in how I feel! 
I think I told you I had three surgeries in three months during 2006. Then I started chemotherapy in August of that year and was on that treatment until December… then had a few months of radiation lasting into mid 2007. THEN they had me on this anti-cancer medicine called tamoxifen. I am grateful for the doctors who cut out my breast cancer and were determined to keep it from coming back. After I had been on the tamoxifen almost two years I started your clay. At this point I was having low back pain and well, I just felt so happy to be alive but I was pretty sure that all the drugs had left my body a mess. Especially my stomach which was often upset or irritable. When I started with the very low amounts of the clay in the first week my stomach was so much better! I truly think effects of the radiation, the anesthesias, and maybe even that chemo were still in my system and I did not need them!

The doctors gave me a new anti-cancer drug and after a few weeks, it became obvious that I could not take this. Every joint in my body was aching and it was getting difficult to walk up the stairs. It came on so slowly that I did not realize how bad it was (I always try to ignore pain) until it got bad. I stopped the drug and did a good week of clay. Wow! What a difference.

I have been off the drug about three weeks now and did the clay for two more and then took a week off. I am feeling much better. Plus, with all the stress I have been under since becoming a widow and doing cancer… well, just like everyone else with challenges, I might not have been clearing that stress out so well. I think the clay makes me feel healthier and on the right path, and more clear somehow. I have a long way to go but I am so grateful I heard about this and you sell it!!!! I am feeling better than I have felt in over two years.

Thanks so very much,
Sheryl, Phoenix AZ

Thank you Walter !

Our arabian, Sheba was very ill over Thanksgiving with what we thought was colic but she did not respond to the usual colic treatments. After 5 days of her not eating nor drinking, IV therapy and multiple vet visits, I had a talk with God and then one with Sheba. I told Sheba she had drained my bank account and it was up to her whether she wanted to live or not. She must have understood as the next day she started eating small amounts of green grass and a little water. I then ordered your clay and put it in her water trough along with a 5 gallon bucket of regular water so she had a choice.
To begin with, she drank mostly the regular water but did drink some of the clay water. Now, more than a week later, she predominately drinks the clay water and we have noticed a significant change in her attitude.

Our other Arabian was foundered (by previous owner) and has ligament issues. I started her also on the clay water. SHe is now just starting to like it more and more. Her attitude also has changed. She is prancing around and doing little flying “bucks” whereas before she could hardly walk. She still has her physical ailments but she seems to be able to endure the pain more readily. The clay water seems to be an anti- depressant for our horses.
We are pretty excited about it.

Thank you.
Suzanne Thorson  VAIL AZ

I noticed a year ago a lump inside my right leg. I went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics. There was no change.
I , then quickly had a biopsy done, revealing there was no cancer.
After being referred to another doctor, there was still no answer on the diagnosis.
I was treated with injections (that made it worse), then was prescribed creams that had no effect what so ever ..
At this point i was extremely frustrated…

I met Walter who suggested to apply his clay poultice on a daily basis.
After only one application, i could tell the lump had shrunk and hope was on the way.
With one application a day, for seven days, the lump was gone.. AMAZING !

Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
Michele Tinto  PHOENIX  AZ

Hi Walter,
I wanted to share with you the fantastic results i got with your product
” Clay Leg Wrap “. I was on a short ride with Jake (my 32 year old quarter horse) and on the way home he started to limp.
By the time we got home he was limping badly, not wanting to put any weight on his front right foot.
I used a 12-inch piece of the Clay Leg Wrap, keeping it moist for a 2 hour period. After i removed the wrap, he started walking around the yard, still limping a little. So i thought i would repeat the wrap in the morning..
Well, the next morning, i was so surprised Jake was walking around the corral just fine.
I was so pleased and relieved to say the least.
It is a wonderful and amazing product. I have never seen such great results on sprains or leg injuries.
I am going to share this product with all my friends.

Thanks so much!
happy trails..
Jill Tauriello     CORNVILLE  AZ