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The Montmorillonite ULTRA VENTILATED + is a super fine material, as it is grinded to 15 microns, as its main purpose is for internal use. ( Actually 90 % of it has even a grind inferior to 15 microns ) THE FINEST YOU’LL FIND!

As you know , scientists are constantly studying clay ( in France as far as I know / CNRS )
Latest studies show this Montmorillonite being the first choice for internal use due to a better CEC ( cations exchange capacity )

The reason we want it super fine for us to detoxify and our animals to take it internally as well, is to have as much bio-disponibility as possible . Very important !
It can also be used externally as well, as it is the same clay, and you and your loved ones will benefit greatly from it.
Note : Due to a gradual lack of standards from previous companies in the last few months and a constant research for the purest clay, I am very excited about introducing this Montmorillonite that beats it all. It is a beauty ! This clay is absolutely gorgeous. The standards for processing it are great and it has been carefully analysed.
* INTERNAL USE : · Preparation: gently start internal use of clay with Clay Water. Clay Water is prepared by adding one teaspoon of clay into a glass of water, stirring it well, using a non-metal spoon and leaving for a few hours (preferably allow to stand overnight) for clay to deposit at the bottom of the glass. The water will have fine elements of clay suspended with large elements at the bottom. Carefully drink the water only on an empty stomach. A bit of lemon juice or cider vinegar will not only improve the taste, but will be beneficial for clay assimilation. Start by taking it once a day – in the morning , on an empty stomach.
Personal recommendation if you have never taken clay in your life, or haven’t taken clay in a long time: First 3 days : one third of a teaspoon 4th, 5th, and 6th : two thirds of a teaspoon 7th and on : one teaspoon I am a big fan of introducing anything new slowly.. So why not take the first week nice and easy and gradually introduce clay to our bodies ! Do a 21 day treatment. Take a week off.Then a week on, a week off etc.. If you experience discomfort, reduce the dosage or take a break for a week and start with a smaller dose again. Raymond Dextreit, the famous French Naturopath, recommends 3 days on/4 days off/ 4 days on/ 3 days off rule, which means you take the clay for 3 days, make a 4-day break, then take it for 4 days, make a 3-day break, and so on. However, it is not necessary and depends on what suits you most. Six weeks cures are particularly recommended in spring and autumn. When doing a clay cure, it is very important to drink plenty of water (significantly more than usually). · After a month or two of drinking Clay Water, the whole glass of water and clay can be drunk as the body is used to clay. Instead of water, you can use juices or herbal teas, whatever suits better your taste. But do not use Dairy. · For some conditions more aggressive clay consumption is required. In most cases 2 glasses of water with clay will suffice. In severe cases (i.e. food poisoning), more concentrated solutions of clay may be required every 2 hours, until amelioration of the symptoms.
Please note : Clay is a very powerful natural remedy and should not be used unwisely. If you are concerned about these following health conditions, work with your health practitioner if on medications while using the French Green Clay. · chronic constipation · high blood pressure · very fat diet
Please do not take clay :
during meals if you use poultices
If you are taking medications, do NOT, absolutely NOT take clay at the same time. No interactions with prescription drugs or herbal remedies have been reported for French green clay as of 2009 and it’s been used for healing (internally & externally) for literally thousands of years. However, because of the adsorptive qualities of French green clay, it may interfere with absorption of medications. This is the reason for the cautionary proviso.
EXTERNAL USE: This product can be used on yourself of course, but also on your loved ones ( dogs, cats, horses etc..)
You will have to mix your clay with water ( distilled if you can ) in order to get a paste and apply externally. Never use metallic objects! Always use wooden, plastic or ceramic. Understanding that clay has that need to treat and help what is unhealthy, the uses for clay are endless.
BODY : This is the perfect clay for your everyday scratches and bruises, cuts, wounds, bites, sunburns etc.. Don’t travel without it! Can be used also on :
arthritis and similar conditions
over skin conditions – acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis
burns /sunburn, cold clay compresses are the fastest healing and pain relieving remedy which helps regeneration of tissue and prevents formation of scars.
Tense over-worked muscles – clay poultices/wraps will draw the lactic acid and relax the muscle.
Cuts, bruises & abrasions – the clay’s absorptive, antiseptic, antibacterial and haemostatic qualities support the body’s natural curative abilities and greatly reduce healing time.
Mineral Baths: Add a large handful of dried Green Clay to a deep 30 min bath to soften the skin & invigorate the system.
Body Powder Use dry Green clay powder on weeping eczema, ulcers, Athlete’s foot, any sores or wounds which need disinfection and healing.
Tooth Powder/ Mouth infections Great for the gums, preventing the formation of plaque and mouth ulcers. If an inflammation of the gums or a mouth ulcer occurs, take some clay into your mouth and keep it there for a while (10-15 minutes). Do not swallow – rinse the mouth with warm water. Repeat the procedure frequently, until the inflammation goes away. It can also be used as tooth powder – it is excellent at removing plaque and whitening teeth, due to their bleaching properties (be careful not to over-use it for this purpose, since it can be abrasive and can wear down the enamel). And many more …
Plaster and poultice : Apply a layer of 2 to 3 cm (1 inch ) directly on the skin or at the centre of a thin cloth and fold all corners. Hold in place with a bandage. Let stand 2 to 3 hours ( don’t let the clay dry ) After use, throw out the clay and rinse skin with lukewarm water.
* FACE : This clay is recommended for a ” normal and oily skin ” Make yourself a mask and enjoy! Apply a thick layer to the face and neck. Avoid the edges of the eyes and lips. let mask work for 10 to 15 minutes ( don’t let the clay dry ) Remove the mask with lukewarm water. Dry, then apply a moisturizing cream.
Please check out our SOIN D’EAU SPRING WATER as it is a perfect addition to your treatment.

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