Jypsy’s story


I want to thank you so very much for your clay! Without it, I am not sure that our Jypsy would have recovered as well as she has or that she would have recovered at all! It has been an amazing and beautiful journey! She is running and playing like a foal! Not a single lame step! Shelby is now able to ride her at a walk! (Although Jypsy would prefer to trot and gallop!) We have come along way in such a short time! September 5, 2008 to today December 30, 2008 has been a miracle in the making! She and you are a blessing to us! The words thank you simply doesn’t cover my gratitude for your clay, your thoughtfullness, your prayers , your ideas and your words of encouragement.

Thank you Walter Badet!
Rebecca Wyatt  TUCSON AZ