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We’d like to inform you that we are shutting down our business.
It’s been a pleasure serving you for all these years and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We wish you a happy and healthy summer.

Note : We are working on reimbursing the last few customers that ordered within the last few weeks. We truly apologize for not being able to provide you with our products.

Guaranteed 100 % natural

Green illite clay is a natural source of the following major trace elements, vital for our health, safety and well being : Magnesium(Mg), Calcium(Ca), Potassium(K), Manganese(Mn), Zinc(Zn), Phosphorus(P), Iron(Fe), Aluminum(Al), Silicon(Si), Copper(Cu), Selenium(Se), Cobalt(Co), Molybdenum(Mo) as well as lots of other elements.

Clay is thought to be the basis for the CREATION.

For some scientists, it is the “CRADLE OF LIFE”. Clay is a bio mineral of various colors depending on its composition. All our clays are non-swelling clay, known to have fantastic healing properties. Acting as a catalyst for our bodies vital functions, its selective power will naturally balance and harmonize the activity of endocrine glands and all metabolisms. Acting as a “ sponge “ and a “ magnet “ , its aBsorbing and aDsorbing powers ( extra and intra cellular levels ) will help you eliminate toxins and bacteria .
Clay has been used for thousands of years, and yet, no one can pin down fully what makes it a healer.
Some are only happy to use it in every case they judge appropriate, and achieve great results. This is why we are full of wonder everytime clay accomplishes a cure we did not expect, in so little time.
Most users of clay leave scientific explanations aside when they come astounded by the accomplishements of clay.
Clay is effective as a DYNAMIC PRESENCE far more significantly than a mere consideration of the substances it contains.
It is a catalyst rather than an agent itself.
This is possible because clay is ALIVE.
Clay is a live medium which helps generate and maintain life.

These clays does not come from someone's backyard!

Every extraction is analized and inspected and meets all microbiological standards. These green ILLITE / MONTMORILLONITE / KAOLINITE clays will always be at its purest and highest quality.
The use of clay is endless ! Internally and externally…
The reader should know that i am not a doctor, but a simple witness of the “miracles of clay”.
Much of the material here, is gathered from Dr Dextreit, the most popular and most read French naturopath, who has made the clay treatment well known.
Welcome here and Welcome to the wonderful world of clay !


Dear Walter,    

Omg! I want to thank you for the product.. As you can see in the pics ( sorry there graphic) I bumped my middle knuckle in the shower and when I got out this appeared! Omg! I couldnt believe it I thought I was bitten but there were no bite marks. My hand tripled in size. I applied the clay two times in a few hours, went to urgent care the next morning to make sure nothing serious (no bite marks) and no infections would occur and they couldnt believe how quickly it was healing!! I showed them the clay . Pain was gone very quickly and I didn’t even miss work! 

Thank you thank you thank you !

Shirley S. | Phoenix , AZ


I am thrilled that Dream is doing wonderful. Her injury was not able to be stitched or stabled as it was on her rear right hock. It has taken patience and dedication with your clay. The clay kept drawing the toxins out and allowed her to slowly heal.

It’s into the third month and she just keeps looking better and better. At the injury site there was no skin so keeping the wound clean was paramount. Unbelievable is she never flinches as the clay is applied!

Thank you for a fabulous natural product. It will be an essential for the animals and me.

Have a fabulous day,

Ann S. | Cornville, Arizona

Thank you, Walter so much! 

I haven’t been able to drink any for the last 3 weeks. I didn’t have much left and I was giving all I had to my cat Coco. She had something pretty bad going on several months back, bloody stools, other symptoms,

I don’t know exactly what it was but I knew it was bad. I started giving her your clay water, and it completely made her well! Now it’s the only water she will drink!

Glenda James

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